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Our world class technologists leverage data science, technology and engineering to help our customers and members save money and live better.

An associate is shown loading a Walmart tote into a grey box, and closing the front. Suddenly, the camera zooms out and reveals the grey box to be the bottom of a drone! The video cuts and the same drone is shown hovering in front of a white, modern farmhouse-style home. The parcel that was loaded into the drone drops listlessly onto the front porch, where a young man waits to retrieve it. Another cut reveals a young Black woman focusing on her computer as she types on the keyboard. Then, another cut shows an associate loading a white Ford Escape with a grocery pickup order. Next, a young Latinx man is shown joyously opening a Walmart box. In another cut, a woman walks in front of a screen that tracks her movement. She's shown scrolling on the screen she just walked in front of - it reads “400+ GPUs.” A series of quick cuts reveals several Walmart innovations: A drone that looks like a glider drops a package, which descends via a parachute. An advanced computer modeling system shows a man the driving pattern of Walmart's self-driving truck. Then we see the front of a store, as people pass in a quick time lapse. Finally, a woman approaches a television screen and taps a button that reads “Tap Here for Unbelievably Low Prices!” Another cut and we see a split screen. On the left, an InHome associate is delivering groceries into a refrigerator. On the right side, a customer oversees the delivery on her iPhone. The video loops.

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We operate with the scrappiness of a startup backed by a street (and aisle) cred we earned through decades of disruption retail.

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Our award-winning team of software engineers, data scientists, cybersecurity experts, business service professionals and more are calculated risk-takers willing to try new things. We solve complex challenges with speed at scale. 

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Our relationships with each other, our customers and the communities we serve inspire us to innovate with heart. We work alongside top talent and inspiring leaders across the globe who always believe our people make the difference.

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  • Charlotte, NC
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  • Toronto, Canada. 
  • With the acquisitions of Aspectiva and Zeekit, Walmart Global Tech also includes associates based out of Tel Aviv, Israel.​
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We helped develop technology that can enable other businesses through commercialized solutions and power our flywheel.