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Walmart associates are leaders in retail tech, powering the world’s leading retailer, a global supply chain and one of the most complex businesses on the planet.

A slow-motion shot reveals three cameras, mounted to the top of a box truck just over the front windshield. The shot pans around the cameras, then zooms out to show the full truck sitting in the sun in front of a Walmart store. Next, we see a drone taking off from the front of a Walmart store and rising up into the air in front a control tower that reads “Drone Up.” In the next shot, an idyllic water tower that reads “Bentonville” fades in and out of frame. It's followed by a young woman typing on a touch screen in front of an apparent piece of technology. The next shot reveals it to be an automated, robotic arm, which is sorting ambient grocery items into blue Walmart-branded receptacles and even moving through aisles unaided. The video loops.

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Future-ready digital transformation starts here

At Walmart Global Tech, we work at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies inspired by the vision of transforming retail tech. As a people-led and tech-powered organization, we drive innovations that impact millions of lives globally. Our associates empower us with innovative solutions that power the world's leading retailer, driving digital solutions that keep us resilient and future-ready.

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Photo of a tech team gathering and collaborating in a conference room.  A female is discussing a topic with her 3 colleagues.

Start your career at the forefront of technology in retail

No matter where you start or what you aspire to, Walmart has a lot to offer. We have roles for those chasing their first opportunity as well as those looking for the moments that will define their career. Here, you can kickstart a successful career in retail tech, enhance your skills and gain experience in cutting-edge technologies. Walmart Global Tech welcomes you to innovate at scale, impact millions and reimagine the future of retail.

We are a people-led, tech-powered omnichannel retailer helping people to save money and live better.

Walmart Global Tech is powering the world’s leading retailer with a focus on building tech capabilities, retail solutions and platforms directly tied to creating great customer and member experiences, improving associate productivity, and enhancing our operations.


From first job to executive, Walmart offers limitless opportunities to grow, advance and build a great career.


Walmart started small, with a single discount store and the idea of selling more for less. a fast-moving technology company built on the same culture as our very first store. 


No other company has Walmart’s reach. With millions of customers, thousands of associates and global business operations – if you want to make a difference, you can make it at Walmart Global Tech. 


While technology fuels our digital transformation, people are why we innovate, and people power our innovations. 

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Walmart Global Tech offers technology, innovation and omnichannel solutions to help businesses of all sizes transform and grow their operations. Our innovative retail technologies accelerate retailers' ability to engage with customers and elevate retail experience at scale.
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