Retail experiences for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

May 11, 2023    4 min read

A differently-abled woman working on a laptop, a seated assistance dog, Walmart logo in the background

The last four decades have seen a rapid expansion of inclusive experiences through tech adoption. Technology has transformed almost every industry worldwide, and the world of retail is a testament to this journey. Today, customers expect more from brands than ever before—and rightly so. 

Each day at Walmart, we welcome shoppers of diverse backgrounds and walks of life at our stores and clubs. We want our customers and members to feel comfortable and perceive their local Walmart as a place where they belong and as a place that belongs to them.

By harnessing the power of tech, we are driving innovations that provide inclusive experiences to all – no matter where they come from.

Inclusion through AR

Omni Optical by Sam's Club offers a frictionless optical shopping experience for our members anywhere, anytime! The Walmart Global Tech team was inspired to build state-of-the-art technology keeping the customer's convenience in mind. As a result, our customers can easily shop for prescription glasses from the comfort of their homes. 

It’s made possible through pixel-based algorithms and augmented reality. Along with our end-to-end digital optical experience, the outcomes have been spectacular. One can get accurate measurements, select lenses, and try on different frame models tailored for their faces, in a matter of few clicks. Thanks to the integrated shopping experience at Walmart, they would get their brand-new HSA/FSA eligible glasses delivered to their homes in a week.

A graphical user interface of a mobile application shows directions.

Inclusion through AI

Do you know what else has become more navigable? Our stores. The average Walmart supercenter is about 178,000 square feet and stocks over a hundred thousand different items. With the Walmart Store Map feature on our mobile app, a product can be mapped down to the exact aisle and shelf. Coupling that with Walmart+ ‘Mobile Scan & Go’, our customers can save valuable time.

Another AI advancement is the inclusion of the Spanish search capability. We have translated more than one million of the most commonly searched queries into Spanish for better searchability on and the Walmart app and we are adding more every day. The solution uses natural language processing (NLP) to detect language, discern nuances and translate queries to deliver a seamless, intuitive experience for customers. Recently, we started offering customers the ability to opt in or out of the translated query. In future we plan to further optimize and launch a universal Spanish experience.

Empowering our associates

A graphical user interface of a mobile application shows directions.

Walmart has advanced the cause of inclusion through the launch of Conversation A11y – a multi-lingual (English, Spanish, French, Chinese) survey tool. It allows Walmart to connect with associates in their local dialects and has helped us gather multi-rater feedback.

We developed one unified mobile app – Me@Walmart, for our associates which resolves their personal as well as work needs. Through this app, they can manage their work schedule, request time-off, swap shifts, connect instantly with peers on product related queries and more.

For a barrier-free experience

Technology is the key enabler to provide these inclusive experiences to customers, members and associates. Data and technology help decode their unique and diverse needs, enabling us to create more personalized shopping experiences. 

As the tech powerhouse of the world’s leading retailer, we are championing the cause of making shopping easier and convenient for all. So, we can help families save money and live better.