Unleashing the power of data to enrich experiences

Technology is only as good as the data that powers it, and at Walmart, we have incredible data. We are using our depth of customer knowledge, strengthened over 60 years of serving customers. By combining it with rich customer, product, supplier and sales data, we are able to better serve our customers and members–however and wherever they want to shop.

Data protection plays a pivotal role in today’s data-driven world. Given the scale and sheer volume of data generated daily for an enterprise like ours, our constant endeavor is to ensure high quality and integration of data from disparate sources.

Using data to exceed expectations

Reliable data helps people do their jobs better. They can make more informed decisions, faster, and ultimately, improve how we serve our customers. Decades ago, Walmart was a pioneer in leveraging data to drive retail decision making and we continue to utilize data to meet and exceed customer and member expectations and improve associate experiences. By analyzing data from a customer’s online and in-store activities, we can offer them a highly personalized experience. For instance, if a customer is looking for dumbbells, they are likely starting a new fitness routine. We are then able to make recommendations for additional products like exercise mats, shoes and more that will help them save money and live better.

Striving for excellence through data literacy

Understanding customers and members from all aspects of their shopping journeys is only possible through the effective management and utilization of data to make more informed decisions.

Our data is cataloged and segregated in accordance with data protection best practices, providing our associates with access to a user-friendly data catalog (a searchable inventory of data) and trustworthy certified data systems (secure and reliable data management software) integrated across the enterprise. Walmart associates can use a shared dashboard to assess items purchased against demographics and behaviors to find purchase patterns.

To use and maintain a catalog, data literacy is critical for all associates. It enhances decision-making, increases efficiency and fosters collaboration. If our associates improve their ability to read, write, communicate and make decisions with the available data, they can leverage the tools and available data to the fullest.

So, when a customer is looking for dumbbells, our associates will analyze the data overlap between past purchases, current requirements and products that they intend to purchase. In addition to product recommendations, our associates are able to create targeted offers on other athletic goods, for example, when data management practices are followed across the retail organization.

A Walmart driverless delivery truck parked at an empty parking lot

A data-driven future

At Walmart, we are declaring ‘Data Literacy Month’ this September. Our goal is to increase awareness about data management methodologies, analytics, processes, practices and tools among associates through webinars and an in-person summit experience across our global locations.

Our data management practices positively impact our customers, members and associates. Walmart’s Digital Trust commitments provide a foundation for the company to earn and maintain customer trust in an omni-channel, data-and technology-driven world. For more information click here.